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Traffic Analyzer Features

Turn your web site stats into valuable information with Web Site Traffic Analyzer!

Traffic Analyzer is a log analysis tool that monitors web site stats and buying patterns to your Web site. The program lets you track traffic patterns and purchased keyword click through to and from your Web site, enabling you to determine the success of your Internet promotions.

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Traffic Analyzer tracks how visitors flow through your site, including which pages visitors enter and what links they followed to find your site. You can also track what keywords were used in search engine requests to find your site. The program tracks your site's most requested files, downloads, and images. You can also learn demographic information about visits to your site, including your visitors' browser and operating system information, and your visitors' origin domain. Once your log analysis is complete, you can then compile detailed reports that give you complete web site stats .

Product Features:

  • Visitor Information - Web Site Stats let you track and monitor a number of visitor information categories, including the links visitors followed to find your site, what keywords were used in search engine requests, and your site's entry and exit pages.
  • Access Statistics - Your web site stats revile which pages of your Web site are most popular, your most requested files, images, and downloads, your site's hits per day and per hour, your most popular visiting hours and days, and your site's bandwidth per day.
  • Quick Analysis - Traffic Analyzer's built-in, 32-bit multi-threading capabilities make it the fastest log analysis product on the market today, capable of scanning your entire Web site in a matter of minutes. The program lets you scan between 100 to 200 megabytes of Web data per minute, enabling you to generate a thorough statistical profile of your site quickly and easily.
  • Supports All Major Web Server File Formats - File formats include support for Apache, Apache Extended, Apache multiple file format, Netscape, Enterprise/Fastrack Server, Microsoft IIS, Zeus, CERN common and combined, Stronghold, and any other standard NCSA log-file format.
  • General Statistics - Create and generates custom web site stats in HTML that provide you a complete statistical overview of your Web site.
  • Advanced visitor filter - The powerful filter options available in Traffic Analyzer set it apart from any other log analyzing applications. They provide you with far deeper and more specific analyzing.
  • Technical Information Reports - Traffic Analyzer generates a number of reports that show you your site's problem areas. You can track
    - Missing files report
    - 404 errors
    - Miscellaneous files
  • Referrer Information Reports, which includes:
    - Top referring domains

    - Top referring pages
    - Individual page referrers
    - Top site entry page
    - Top site exit page
    - Top search engine phrases
    - Top search engine keywords
    - Top referring search engines
  • Domain/IP address exclusion - You can exclude any domain or IP address you choose, ensuring you get a more accurate statistical representation of your Web traffic.
  • Marketing Performance Report Marketing analysis on how purchased key words from Google or Overture are performing. Are they making you money or not.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OSX/Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Linux/Sun Solaris Platforms
  • Pentium 150 MHz or higher
  • CD-ROM
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 2.2 MB hard-drive space
  • Internet connection
  • Web Site
  • Access to Web server log files

Pricing: $149

log analysis

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